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Drywall & Foundation Repair in Oakland, CA

Drywall is a type of panel made of gypsum plaster that is pressed between two sheets of paper. This material is commonly used to make interior walls and ceilings.

In the United States, 42,000,000,000 square feet of drywall are produced every year, making drywall one of the most commonly used construction materials. However, most people do not have the skill or craftsmanship that is needed to adequately repair drywall damage.

This is why our skilled and knowledgeable team members provide interested customers with drywall repair. Oakland area homeowners can contact us to repair any of the damaged drywall in your home. We easily repair holes, nicks, dings, dents, or any other forms of damage that your drywall might have sustained.

Additionally, the skilled professionals at Pacific Contracting can repair any type of blemish your drywall may have, including water damage. For more information on our drywall repair, Oakland area residents are invited to contact us. When it comes to drywall, we can fix it all!

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Drywall Installation in Oakland, CA
Pacific Contracting also provides its customers with drywall installation in Oakland and in the surrounding communities. We only install the highest quality drywall available and our contractors never use substandard drywall, like the Chinese drywall that many people had problems with a few years back.

While most of the homes affected by Chinese drywall are in the southern coastal areas of the United States, numerous homes constructed between 2005 and 2008 can still have these dangerous and toxic gypsum boards installed in your home.

If you've noticed a rotten egg smell, failing appliances due to wire corrosion, unexplained rashes or nosebleeds, or interference with satellite transmissions, your house might have Chinese drywall.

Chinese drywall does cause health problems in adults, children, and the elderly so if you think your home has Chinese drywall, contact us for prompt removal and installation of new and safe drywall. Additionally, our drywall installation in Oakland can be used to add extra walls to an interior space. We also provide drywall removal services as well.

While many people consider adding walls to their homes, very few actually consider the removal of old walls. Removing old walls can increase the floor space in an area and is an almost essential part of any remodeling project. Contact us today for more information on our drywall removal and installation services.

Contact Pacific Contracting for all of your drywall installation and drywall repairs.
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