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Landscaping Contractor in Oakland, CA

Pacific Contracting is a full-service landscaping contractor in Oakland, CA. From design to construction, we assist our customers with all of their landscaping needs. We have over 25 years of experience providing this essential service, so chances are good that we have seen any landscaping challenge that your property may offer.

Home Landscaping - Landscaping Contractor Oakland & Walnut Creek, CA

We have the experience and craftsmanship needed to ensure beautiful land and waterscapes. If you're not convinced that your home can benefit from professional landscaping, consider these facts:

 According to the Association of Landscape Contractors, professional landscaping can add as much as 14% to the resale value of a building and can help speed up home sales by as much as six weeks.
 According to Smart Money, installing quality, low-maintenance landscaping worth roughly 5% of your home's total value can boost resale value of a home by 15%. Additionally, the average homeowner will earn back 150% or more on landscape investments upon the sale of his home. 
 According to the Associated Landscape Contractors of America, properly placed plants can lower heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%. 

Hardscaping in Oakland, CA
Hardscaping refers to the non-living elements of a landscaping project, including features like walkways, patios, and stone walls. (In contrast, plants, soil, and grass are considered softscapes.) If you want to make your yard even more beautiful, contact Pacific Contracting and ask about our hardscapes. Oakland area residents should also ask about our free estimates! 

Whether you want to install fountains, walkways, or retaining walls, you can contact us for timely and professional construction of any type of hardscapes. Oakland area residents interested in improving accessibility to exterior spaces, increasing property value, and adding more beauty to existing landscaping projects should inquire about our hardscaping services.

Patio - Hardscaping Oakland Oakland & Walnut Creek, CA

Retaining Walls in Oakland, CA
Retaining walls are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.  Retaining walls help to protect a property's land from erosion, and these types of hardscapes help to improve usability, redirect surface flow, and add extra beauty to any landscaping project.

Our skilled and knowledgeable contractors can design and install retaining walls. Oakland area residents who have properties with uneven soil levels, unstable soil, or excess water runoff can contact us for your home's new retaining walls. Oakland area homes that are built downhill from soil lines or that have problems controlling downhill erosion can also contact us for retaining wall services.

Walkways in Oakland, CA
One thing that any successful landscaping project will have is a walkway. In Oakland, walkways direct foot traffic and help save your horticulture from trampling feet and other types of human related damages. If your garden or landscaping project needs walkways in Oakland, contact us today and have us install beautiful walkways on your property.


Stonework in Oakland, CA
Few natural materials can add beauty to an exterior space like stones can. If your property's exterior space is lacking something, it might benefit from stonework. In Oakland, we provide a wide array of stonework services that can be used for walkways, retaining walls, and other hardscapes. Contact us today for more information about our stonework in Oakland and our other landscaping and hardscaping services.

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