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Plumbing in Oakland, CA

Bathroom Sink - Plumbing Oakland & Walnut Creek, CA

Plumbing is an essential part of any home. It brings fresh potable water to your home and helps to remove food and biological waste. Without indoor plumbing, many people would still be using outhouses and cesspools for their bathrooms and many of us would still rely on rain and rivers for usable water. Thankfully, modern homes come equipped with high-quality Oakland plumbing fixtures; however, even new pipes can develop problems for a variety of reasons.

Our expert team of plumbers has the experience and knowledge needed to work on a wide variety of different Oakland Plumbing fixtures and plumbing needs, including:

 Garbage Disposal Issues
 Pipe Repairs 
 Drain Cleaning 
 Faucet and Sink Repair 
 Faucet and Sink Installation
 Water Heater Repair 
 Plumbing Installations

Plumbing in Oakland, CA
Pacific Contracting provides its customers with highly experienced and well-trained Oakland plumbers who can handle even the most challenging job. Whether you need us to do serious plumbing work like line jetting a sewer hookup or minor work like fixing a leaky faucet, our plumbers can resolve any plumbing issue you may have.

Our Oakland plumbers are all fully licensed, bonded, and insured. They are knowledgeable in all aspects of plumbing and they can handle any plumbing installation or repair with ease. Contact us today to learn more about our plumbing services.


Drain Cleaning in Oakland, CA
Drains have been in existence since 3100 B.C. and are an important aspect of any plumbing system. Drains help carry waste to sanitary sewers and help control flooding. However, when they get flooded- drains are anything but helpful.

Clogged drains are unable to efficiently carry out their primary task of draining an area or space. If you've noticed slow draining speeds, complete blockages, or any other drain-related malady, contact us and ask about our Oakland drain cleaning services.

Our Oakland drain cleaning services can be used on large and small drains alike and can be used to resolve any issue from grease buildup to tree roots that are choking a system.

Line Jetting in Oakland, CA
Line jetting, also known as hydro jetting, is similar to pressure washing. Line jetting utilizes a powerful stream of water to remove debris and impediments from a plumbing system.

This gushing wall of water removes grease, grime, mineral build up, hair, and other materials that regular plumbing snakes lack the power or reach to handle. Thus, plumbers who use line jetting in Oakland will be able to reach deeper blockages.

We are experts in line jetting in Oakland—we have been in the business for a quarter-century. If you are despairing from recurrent plumbing clogs in your home, perhaps line jetting from Pacific Contracting will clear the lines and restore your plumbing to an optimal condition.

Pacific Contracting offers professional, fast, and convenient Oakland plumbing services. No matter what your
plumbing issue is, we guarantee we can help you. Contact us if you live in Oakland or any of the following communities: Berkeley, Oakland, Albany, El Cerrito, Emeryville, Orinda, Moraga, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, Danville, San Leandro, Richmond, Pinole, Hercules, Benicia, San Rafael and nearby communities.